The abandoned Garden Center 2016   by   Simon Woolham

MANIFEST Podcast Special

Hugging The Canal (The Muse Aquatic)
We came across a fascinating art project that involved walking, drawing and singing. Super Slow way commissioned Jennifer Reid and Simon Woolham to walk the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. They Wild camped where they stopped, and their main objective was to communicate the public, and to celebrate the canal. This is truly Art as Experience. We interviewed them separately,   offering you opportunity to hear their separate accounts……..


Jennifer Reid,

 Jennifer performances are unique, she sings 19th Century Industrial Ballads and writes and recites dialectic poetry. A fascinating interview which gives an insight to the Broadside tradition, and the role of people that sang them. Her motivation is local history, and she claims to have little interest in Folk music or art, though she has performed at the Cambridge Folk Festival, worked with Jeremy Deller and taken part in several innovative art projects.  


Simon Woolham,

 When Simon describes himself, or what he does, he invariably uses the term Drawing or expanded Drawing. Any material or mechanism he uses, he sees as an extension of his drawing practice. The organisation Super Slow Way had arranged this strange artistic residency, walking the Leeds Liverpool Canal. With no actual residence. Wild camping where they stopped. Simon describes the experience as a form of drawing, and in this interview at Paper Gallery (which he runs) he explains why……


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